Admitting the Problem of Global Warming is Real

The first step to any problem is admitting it. Today China, a country usually cloaked in secrecy, admitted that climate change is real and it could spell economic disaster. The National Assessment Report on Climate Change details the potential deadly effects of global warming.

Global warming could have a major effect on the health of the Chinese people and the country’s agriculture, according to a National Assessment Report on Climate Change.

Temperatures could rise 1.3-2.1 degrees by 2020.

The report, China’s first authoritative and comprehensive review compiled by multiple departments and experts over four years, was released in Beijing yesterday by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The report is a study of global warming and its influence, and recommendations on the protection of society and the economy.

Even the current US administration, a strong denier of all things environmental admitted that polar bears are endangered because of melting arctic conditions. The first step in dealing with the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming is to admit the danger is real; the second step is informing the people. It seems that our government is none to keen to inform its populace of the potential danger ahead. But, not to worry, the Harper administration has things well in hand. The clean air act is a bold step in the right direction. But, no need to get started until 2020.


2 responses to “Admitting the Problem of Global Warming is Real

  1. D'Arcy Norman December 29, 2006 at 3:22 pm

    The problem is that global warming, like peak oil, is a “long emergency” rather than a crisis. After doing a bunch of reading, and watching Inconvenient Truth, I’m convinced the trigger to action will be the breaking off of huge chunks of the Greenland ice sheet. Raise the global ocean level a few inches, and folks in NYC, Miami, San Francisco, etc… will notice just enough to start doing something (because it will start to hit people in their wallets).

  2. David Schleicher December 31, 2006 at 9:53 pm

    HELLO! Now that China admists it’s real…can all of American please come on board and do something about it. Big corporations (auto and oil) claim it would be an economic disaster to change our lifestyles…but in about ten or twenty years it will be an economic disaster that we didn’t. Why can’t they put their greedy little brains together and come up with ways to make their boatloads of money off the newer cleaner technology?
    Then, and only then, will these money grubbing corporations promote the change we need. As soon as we convince them they can profit from the change…we will will see the change.

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