Freedom to Eat “Meat”

The FDA has granted approval for the consumption of cloned animals after reviewing 5 years of exhaustive research. True, cloned animals are not genetically modified;theoretically they are exact duplicates of the original animal. That is why they historically do poorly, are more prove to disease and tend to have shorter life-spans. Exact duplicates, which after a mere 5 years, they are safe for human consumption. But, genetically modified meat should be a great deal easier and cheaper to produce than cloned animals. Certainly the availability and consumption genetically modified corn and soy is commonplace.

Genetically modified vegetables, corn and soy have been an unlabeled part of the North American diet for over 10 years. But most people do not know how much GM food they are eating.

DESPITE having consumed genetically modified food in their cookies and apple pies for the best part of a decade, most Americans still don’t know they’re routinely eating the stuff.

A poll of 1000 US citizens published on 6 December reveals that only a quarter realize they’re eating GM food, and 60 per cent have no idea it’s in their diet. The authorities claim that this food poses no risk to our health or the health of our environment. In the face of such confidence, there is no labeling of food, allowing the consumer to make an informed decision.

I am sure that we are not far off from having commercially available GM meat. But, it should not be up to the government and special lobby groups to decide that such food is safe. I do not belief adequate time has been given to determine the safety of these foods. Not only safe for immediate human consumption, but that they should have no long term impacts on food allergy rates, and that the transplanted gene are not able to escape into the natural population.

As a consumer I should be informed of what I am putting into my body. Have the GM food obviously labeled and then let the market decide.


2 responses to “Freedom to Eat “Meat”

  1. David Schleicher December 31, 2006 at 9:48 pm

    I think a lot of people hear the term “genetically altered food” and think it’s science fiction instead of science fact. I definately think there is a need for “informed consent” in stuff like this, escpecially if meat is coming from cloned animals.

  2. niransab January 10, 2007 at 4:47 am

    The disturbing thing is that the government and lobby groups have pre-empted informed consent by assuming that there is no risk involved so there is no need for consent.

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