Edit in Textmate

I’ve been playing with a Textmate, a text editor form Macromates. In fact that is what I am using to blog this post. I like the simple interface but there is a great deal hidden under the surface. There is a new series at Circle Six design that I hope will explain the intricacies of Textmate for the rest of us(non-coders).

But, one feature which I really like is “Edit in Textmate”. All the articles I found told me how great the feature was but not how to install it and how to use it. In the Textmate bundle, there is an `Install “edit in Textmate”’ function. Click it to install – how simple is that. Then for any Cocoa textbox, you can call up Textmate – either frorm the edit menu or type control-command E. Textmate is summoned to edit the text. To paste it back into the textbox, just save the file. The text is magically transported returned to the originating textbox. A fancy cut and paste, but I like it.


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