Melting World

Last night, I watched a documentary. A huge, male polar bear was trying to walk on thin ice. He had his legs spread out in all directions, to distribute his weight evenly. It was almost comical to see such a powerful animal gingerly tiptoeing across the ice sheet. But, it was too early for the ice to start melting, too early for the bear to lose access to the seals that bred on the stable ice. Polar bears have had to take to the ocean in this melting world . They have done remarkable well, sliding between the breakup ice , hunting for sleeping seals. But, this bear was such a small spec in vast grey sheet of water with no land in sight, nothing but floating ice. Polar bears have to stop sometime, they can’t keep swimming forever – eventually they drown if they can not find land.

Is this the future mankind has set for the earth ? While we watch the “Golden Globe Awards” and give ourselves prizes for being the best this or that, slaughter our kind for oil, land, religion, and probably water, later. Work, eat, sleep, drive because this is what life is all about. Never quite realizing why we are on this large treadmill, working for what ? Going where ? The earth’s real treasures disappear into the hubris of mankind. We are failing because we lack the drive to imagine a different life.

There was nothing funny about that bear walking across the ice. He was fighting for his life while the only world his kind has know for eons is melting away. Civilization and perhaps even the human race can not be far behind the polar bear once the very systems we depend on to give dependable climate and food disappear. There will be no miraculous rescue from deities above or from the God of technology and science. We are on thin ice, and we keep driving SUVs.


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