Shopping at No-Frills

I went shopping at our local No-Frills grocery store. It used to be an Extra-Foods before we left 2 1/2 months ago. Both stores have the same parent company – Loblaws. The difference being No-Frills concentrates on food, while Extra Foods had extra merchandise. I was surprised at what a depressing experience it was.

The entire store is yellow. It is an bright yellow and white with pretension of happiness, but it is ugly. The food rises on taller shelves and is more tightly packed together. I feel like I am in an institution that just wants to service me but not serve me.

The bakery and deli section have disappeared. So has the bread. There is a label for it. Apparently it now comes from Superstore and the shipment is not all that regular. True the French crusty bread was cheaper – 97 cents rather than 1.49. But, it is irrelevant if the bread is not in the store at 10 AM.

The tellers are fewer and older. They seemed a little sad, being quieter than before No Frills. There was one teller who was from the Extra Food days. She always used to smile and joke. It was her day off and she was just talking to her co-workers. Maybe there was simply a problem with her schedule. She never smiled.

The food prices are a bit cheaper. I’ll probably go again looking for some bread. In the long run it will save me more time . I would just want to buy what I need and fast – then get out because there really is no shopping experience, I only there to get stuff.


One response to “Shopping at No-Frills

  1. poverty_dieter December 3, 2009 at 4:01 am

    You had a totally different experience at your store than I did at mine. I just searched “grocery store” on WordPress and ran across your entry here. I don’t like all yellow stores either, by the way. 🙂

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