Tea Party

Tea party

I saw a clip about tea party candidates on the news yesterday. These people seem to be living in the United States of Amnesia. They have forgotten the spending excesses of Bush and the failed economics of Reagan. They rallied against the elites, the liberals, the liberal media. They are upset with the collapse of the economy. They want cutbacks, but they did want to lose any benefits.

There were several clips of many members of the tea party either manhandling or banning reporters. This is quite disturbing. This is how the tea party truly thinks of people. For party that hates the elites, these particular members are behaving extremely easily fixed. They didn’t seem to want to let people know what the truth was. Or rather they wanted to promote their version of the truth.

I suppose what I watched was more propaganda from the “liberal” media. However, the clip showed most of the comments coming from the members themselves. These people have formed a group in reaction to everything. The tea party is a *reactionary group*. They rally against everything, without offering any solutions. But, I wonder why they are appearing now. They were certainly very quiet during the invasion of Iraq. As a spending climbed higher and higher and any financial advantages of the Clinton administration disappeared, the tea party was incredibly quiet.

The disturbing thing is that had I not visited the states, I would believe this is how a great many Americans think. I visited Oregon in September. It was pleasant, quiet and polite. I enjoyed the huge trees the weather and the people. The people that I did talk to seem far less radicalized then my image of “Americans”. These people were genuine, and caring. They did not seem fooled by the shenanigans of the Bush administration.

This is the trouble with news. It sensationalizes the sensational. It does not really show what is common and what is normal, because it is not news. As the old saying goes “if it bleeds it leads.” News is a distorting lens, and without other viewpoints the truth can be obscured.


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