Interference with USB microphone from Airport Extreme

I have been trying to use Dragon Dictate on the Mac for the last few weeks. I was having a great deal of difficulty using this product consistently with the supplied Platronics USB microphone.. When it worked it worked well. But, I’ve been having days where computer would seem to take a very long time before the words would magically appear on the screen after I had spoken. It took so long, I wondered if I had another spinning beach-ball of death. I could not understand all the positive reviews the program gotten. For all these people paid off? Were they using a different program than I was?

For while, it would seem if I did a microphone set up every time I want to use program things go somewhat smoothly. However, the solution seemed to work less well at night, for whatever reason. One thing I did find was some interference when I read listened to the recording. I moved the microphone from a peripheral USB port to a more central USB port. This seemed to solve things for a while. But, after a few days I was back to fiddling around again. I felt like I sucker for having paid so much money for a temperamental piece of junk. I just did not have the time to fiddle around before being able to productively use the software.

Today I had a consistent interference pattern while listening to the recording. It persisted, despite me restarting the machine or unplugging and replugging the USB microphone. In desperation, I turned off all fluorescent lights. There was no change. I turned off the router which is physically located close to all the USB ports. There was no change. I then turned off my airport extreme–the interference stopped. So, for now this seems to be the solution to my problems.


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