Training new words in Dragon Dictate

Using DragonDictate–training new words

I’ve been having trouble inputting non-English words into Dragon Dictate. Trying to input the names of my wife and child have been a nightmare. Finally, I decided to read the manual.

When training the software, always have the recognition window open. My previous error was in using the mouse to click the offered choice-this was slow, cumbersome and broke the train of thought. Instead, simply saying “pick [number choice]”, will allow you to select the proper choice. You can also edit a choice by saying edit [number choice].

I still found it difficult to try to input my own name. But after several tries and numerous pronunciations, it finally managed to spit out my own name. Once my name appeared in the recognition window I selected it. Then I repeated my name several times and keep selecting it from the recognition window, until my name consistently appear as the first choice. This process took a good half hour, but it did work.

Grid Transparent Window
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