I purchased a set of Kenko extension tubes from eBay. I had wanted to do more macro photography work than my tamro 90 mm would allow. It is a great lens, sharp and works as a portrait and macro lens. But, after seeing some superb macro photos, I wanted a little more macro power without the price.

The Kenko were $150 cheaper on eBay versus retail. But, they took a month before they got here from Sigapore.But, how well did they do.

The first picture shows a Kiwi taking with side lighting without the extension tubes.

Kiwi with tamron 90 mm

Kiwi with tamron 90 mm

The second photo is as close as I can get to the Kiwi, while still remaining in focus.

Closest focusing with Tamron 90mm

The third photo, is the closest I can get to the Kiwi with all three extension tubes in place.

Closest focus with Tamron 90 mm and Kenko extension tube

Light was bounced within SB 900. I think with constant lighting in place it would have been easier to focus. All photos were processed in Aperture and Topaz adjust plus topaz detail.

Initially, I was a little disappointed. I thought I would be zooming in closer but, I’m still happy with the results. There is a definite lack of focus with the extension tube in place. But, I think this mostly operator error. I could not see very well while having to manually focus the lens(40 + year old eyes) and with the extension tubes in place there is a significant decrease in brightness.

This was a good first attempt at macro shooting. Now, I’ve got the tools to get more serious.


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