Harper’s “Democracy”

Harper continues to run Canada like a corporation. He has an intolerance to any view that does not support his own. And like a good CEO, he will crush any dissent to his leadership. But, Harper is now a CEO. He is the Prime Minister of Canada. The last time I heard, Canada was a democracy. In a democracy, unlike a totalitarian regime, dissent is tolerated.

VICTORIAVILLE, QUE.— Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has long been known for martial discipline, but his campaign may have crossed the line when someone frog-marched a young woman out of a rally in London, Ont., Sunday.

The first-time voter’s crime, apparently, was to have posed for a picture with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and posted it for all to see on her Facebook page.

About half an hour before Harper arrived at the crowded hotel rally, one organizer asked to speak with Awish Aslam and a friend outside the room. There, he ripped up their nametags and ordered them to leave.

“We know you guys have ties to the Liberal party through Facebook,” the University of Western Ontario student told the London Free Press. “You are no longer welcome here.”

The Tories say the incident was a mistake, though Harper himself offered no apology when asked about it Tuesday.

I love how everything is always a mistake with the conservative party. I think they realize it’s a mistake when people react negatively to their actions or, when they realize people actually know what they’re up to.

Last Thursday an advocate for homeless veterans was turned away when he attempted to attend a campaign event where Harper was speaking in Halifax. This, after several unsuccessful attempts by Jim Lowther to contact the Tory leader about the plight of once-proud Canadian soldiers now living on the streets.

This is how Harper actually supports the military.

Maria Gergin has written an excellent commentary on Harper’s long history of silencing dissent and eviscerating funding to groups that do not support the Conservative ideology.

This is a government that initially promised more accountability. But, it is looking more and more like the government from Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm — control and inequality enshrined.


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