Harper – the democratic Fascist

Harper once again is in the mood to play mini-dicator:

EDMONTON—The Liberals say two more teens with Liberal ties were thrown out of a Conservative rally in Vancouver.

“This is just becoming more and more grotesque,” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Saturday.

He was referring to university students in London and Guelph who were abruptly shown the door, even though they were properly registered.

These incidents help stoke Ignatieff’s argument that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is obsessed with control and is anti-democratic.

Ignatieff said there were Tory supporters at his rally earlier in Sudbury “who said ‘I might just vote Liberals this time.’ “

“This is about democracy … and he has just got to stop doing this,” he told reporters.

Ignatieff bristled at the Conservatives’ explanation that it was a private meeting and can toss who they like.

“Excuse me, there is no such thing as a private meeting in a federal election. These are public meetings. Come one come all,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Conservtives acknowledged that even though they were identified as Liberal supporters the teens were told they could stay if they didn’t disrupt the rally.[this means they were not disrupting the rally to begin with]

“They declined,” he said.[I am sure they were “helped” with this decision]

At the Edmonton Liberal rally a man was allowed in despite the fact he was holding a sign that said: “Ignatieff, going back to Harvard soon?”

Harper’s idea of reaching out to the public is to stick his head in the sand. As long as there is no voices of dissent, within earshot, everything is going well.

Here is a blog, written by Emily Dee, a disappointed former conservative who is mad as heck, a grandmother and someone who has taken the time to catalog the list of Harper failings.


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