Canadian Tax Software

I finally got my taxes finished. This was not an easy task. I had completed my taxes twice using TaxTron. I have been using this program for the last few years but not without some difficulty. After completing the form I saved it. Whenever you open the form, texture on 2009 loaded up. It then told me that my file format wasn’t correct.

I’ve always struggled with his program. It does not have a great UI and there’s always something that seemed to go wrong every time I do my taxes. But, the worst part about doing Canadian taxes is that there are no really great programs out there. The best tax program I ever had for Mac OS was Quick Tax. I really liked this program. I found entering data was easy, and the calculations were even easier. But, true to Intuit’s form, they removed this product from the market. The current incarnation of quick tax is TurboTax. Unfortunately, it’s browser only. Doing my taxes on a web browser seems foolhardy. I like my sensitive data to be controlled.

The next program was GriffTax . This is only slightly better than filling out the forms by hand, but it worked for a year. Grifftax was bought by TaxTron. But, this year TaxTron would not work.

Finally, out of desperation I found TaxFreeway.. The website look like some reject the 1990s so, I was really hesitant to use this product. The UI for this program was dated and restricted. But, it got the job done with In some region minimal fuss. I have spent far less effort using tax-free way that I did in the last few years of using TaxTron. There is even an iPad version.

I’m glad there is one more competitor in the very restricted field of Canadian tax software for Mac OS X in.


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