Shaving with oil

I wanted something a little less bulky than carrying a tube of shaving cream for travel. I had heard about shaving oil. I wanted to try it, without having to pay for a bottle. But, then I read this article; the author used olive oil instead of shaving oil.

I applied water to my hands, then a few drops of oil, and “lathered” my face. The shave went a lot smoother than I thought. Since, shaving my chin worked well enough, I decided to shave my head. I had clipped the hair the day before, so shaving it was not quite as dramatic as it sounds.

When shaving with oil, the blade has to work much harder. I think this is because the hair is not moistened and softened as with shaving cream. Cleaning the blade was not nearly as easy as rinsing it under some running water. The oil and short hair stuck together forming a tenacious black glob that require wiping away or vigourous shaking. Since I use a a double sided razer, the hair-oil mixture was easy to clean. The current fashion of multiple blades may make cleaning this mixture much more difficult.

The shave was as good as shaving with cream. However, this time I used a small volume of a sustainable, cheap alternative. As for the problem of tougher hair, perhaps a shower or a presoak with a warm towel might help soften the hair.


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