Ulysses 3 review

Ulysses 3

I’ve just purchased Ulysses 3 from Soulmen. I had Ulysses 2, but never used it too much because it required too much finagling – Multimarkdown Composer, Bywordand Scrivener just seemed to flow better and with much less mental effort.But, I thought I would give Ulysses a try, since it was the app to inspire Scrivener.

I was a little nervous about trying out the app without any solid reviews. Macdrifter has a review out, but here is precious little else. Gabe highlighted some important points.

  • there is no autopairing
  • there is no intelligent wrapping
    • Both problems can be corrected with some TextExpander snippets.
  • there is no global search. But, I think filters may solve this problem.

Out of the box, Ulysses 3 supports Markdown, so there is less I have to configure to get it to work the way that I want.

Markdown links are hidden, which makes reading much easier, but certain markdown service workflows harder to incorporate. I can not see a way of converting one to the other, but there is a markup for inserting raw markdown source code Pasted Markdown, gets “converted” to Ulysses syntax.

There is no automatic numbering or lists. I was a little bit disappointed with this. However, you can apply a style to selected texts; options for styles include ordered lists, and unordered lists.

Icloud syncing is nice and you have the ability to create “folders”. Ulysses can also be pointed to an external folder and used as an editor. So far, I have only been able to import a folder.

Sometimes it is just nice to work in plain text and not worry about the formatting. Inadvertant formatting sometimes gets in the way when I use Scrivener. I also like to be able to type rather than click fromatting. I do miss Scrivener’s split screen, but files can have attachments – notes, images or keywords, which could function similarly, or simply open another window and view a different document.

Overall this is a great update for Ulysses. I am quite pleased with the UI, but some things will take some getting used to. The upcoming integration with Marked will be welcome. This is a good Markdown editor, with Scrivener-like features that allows me to work more elegantly with plain text.


5 responses to “Ulysses 3 review

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  2. Götz Fabian April 9, 2013 at 9:34 pm


    Ulysses III does have auto-numbering of lists, simply press Alt-Return instead of just Return.


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