Comparing Ulysses 3 vs Multimarkdown Composer and Byword

I have been playing more with Ulysses 3, Multimarkdown Composer and Byword.

Multimarkdown Composer

  • automatic lists
  • intelligent wrapping
    • I can select text, press a (,[,or< and get the text wrapped in brackets.
  • intelligent paste
    • if I have a url in the clipboard and I select and paste a text, it creates a markdown links with the selected text as the title and the the url as the line
  • support for Multimarkdown – not such a big surprise given the name
  • automatic previewou
  • support for Markdown Services
  • export to LaTeX


  • looks nicer than Multimarkdown Composer
  • Does not have intelligent pasting
  • Does not have customizable themes
  • Does have intelling wrapping

Ulysses 3

I admit that Ulysses looks gorgeous. I like the way it handles documents and syncing. The potential for having them organized and on iCloud is great. Unfortunately, as an editor it is lacking some helpful features:

  • the lack of automatic lists is disappointing. I can apply a list style to a group of items, but automatics lists are just nice
  • Markdown Services are broken
  • my textexpander snippets outputting standard markdown links are broken
    • the lack of intelligent wrapping and paired brackets is also disappointing
  • no support for Marked yet
  • no typewriter mode support yet
  • I do like the potential markup – comments, highlighting etc…. This is by far the most interesting development for plain text writing. But, at this point, Ulysses does not play well with other text editors. Also, editing functions are limited when editing a plain text file vs a markdown file.
    • with the soon to be incorporated Critic Markup into Multimarkdown Composer, these features may be less useful

Ulysses 3 is a good looking product. It is only at v.1 since it is a complete rethinking of the original Ulysses. But, I wish more time had been taken to make it a better editor. To be fair, I did not use Multimarkdown Composer 1 very much either because if its shortcomings – Byword was the better choice.

I hope Soulmen continue to develop Ulysses 3 at a rapid pace. I would love to have the same power with plain texts and Markdown as I do have with Scrivener.


One response to “Comparing Ulysses 3 vs Multimarkdown Composer and Byword

  1. Götz Fabian April 9, 2013 at 9:37 pm


    minor corrections: Ulysses *does* have auto-numbering (press Alt-Return instead of Return) and it supports Marked for sheets in External Sources.

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