Ethical Meat

This story was about the increasing number of hunters wanting to hunt for food.

Kesia Nagata is uncomfortable buying commercially produced meat. “It looks all flabby and grey and not at all appealing,” she says. As a Buddhist-raised, recovering vegetarian, the grisly reality of feed lots, slaughterhouses and the shrink-wrapped denial represented by the neatly packaged meat in her grocery store weighs on her soul.

I want my meat to be grass-finished, and killed as ethically as possible,” she said. “As much as I firmly believe in the necessity of animal protein and saturated fats, the commercial stuff is all toxic.”

B.C. is experiencing a hunting resurgence, fuelled in part by interest from young urbanites like Nagata and her brother, according to hunting instructor Dylan Eyers of Vancouver-based EatWild BC

Apart from the not so subtle anti-vegetarian slant, this article is good. While I believe you can have a good diet without animal protein, understanding – intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually is a lot more honest than buying grocery store meat.

The biggest problem I have with factory meat is the degrading conditions the animal were raised in. The conversion from animals to “meat on the hoof” is also the same mentality that allowed for the gas chambers in Nazi Germany. In hunting for your own meat, you have taken the effort to learn the apporpriate skill, you have seen the animal in the eye and have made a conscious choice to kill it. You know what you are doing at every moment, unlike when you pick up factory meat neatly wrapped in plastic and styrofoam.

There are also places like Polyface farms that are trying to raise animals ethically.  This addresses the other issue. What happens if there is too much demand on natural systems. Raising  and slaughtering domestic animals ethically is another solution. I suspect there would be a greater tendency to support such a system if the full economic cost of our subsidized meat were know or paid.


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