Cheaper Insect Macro Photography

I have been frustrated with lighting for insect macro photography. Placing a flash directly on the camera leads to blown highlights and harsh lighting. Trying to handhold an off camrea flash with one hand and a Nikon D7000 with a 90mm lens in the other hand is impossible.

Setting the camera on a tripod with an off camera flash(with diffusion/bouncing) gave great light but I did not have the portablity I wanted to chase insects.Ring lights and led light were more than I wanted to pay.

My cheap solution was to create a funnel of foil that fitted around the head of the flash. Then I placed a plastic bag over the funnel. The entire setup was attached to the flash with a Honi quick strap, but I think any velcro strap should work.

This very economical flash diffuser created a soft light, that gave me the portability that I wanted at a price I could not beat.


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