A More Durable Watch

I broke another Timex expedition watch(T40091). The stem broke without good reason while the watch was protected in my pocket. The previous expedition was destroyed when the stem was forcibly removed when gardening( T47902). So much for the “takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. I had some high hopes for the Expedition series. I thought they would be more durable than they actually were. I replaced the Timex with the Momentum Steelix watch. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What I wanted:

  1. Durable construction. The body and pins had to be made of something strong.I have had the pins bend, and the holes enlarge and deform. Supposedly durable and rugged plastic has ripped on me as well. The steelix has 316L marine grade stainless.

  2. Water proof 20ATM steel casing (water resistant to 200m) 2. Locked down crown. This keeps dust and grime out and protects the stem from being ripped out. I was not familar with this option, till I had my second stem disembowlment. It is a bit of a pain having to unscrew the crown, but knowing that it is protected is worth it. Interestingly the stem is set at the 4 o’clock position, offsetting it from a bent wrist.

  3. Scratch resistant glass— [saphire crystal]. Saphire crystal is highly scratch resistant but may shatter with the right force. The first things I notice as a watch ages are fine scratches on the watch face. After wearing the steelix for 5 months, there is not a scratch on the face.


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