Change the CAPSLOCK to “Hyper” on press and ESCAPE on Tap

Please see:

for the original code and explanation of how to change the CAPSLOCK to “Hyer” on hold and  ESCAPE. The names of the tools have changed to Seil( and Karbiner(

To keep the CAPSLOCK  function:

System Preferences

In System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifyer Keys.

Ensure that the Caps Lock key has no Action


Change CAPSLOCK to F19 (keycode 80)


  1. Ensure that F19 is F19
  2. Click here

Modify Private.xml

Open Private.xml

private.xml (~/Library/Application Support/Karabiner) – VIM1

Change or add this to private.xml. I previously had the key only mapped to be a “Hyper” key. This code was changed to the code below. The raw code is available in the original article:

A useful CAPSLOCK key

or on github:

Raw Text



Click Reload XML to load the new changes


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