Comparing Dictation from AT2020 Microphone to ipod

I wanted to compare the new Dragon Dictate 5.0 using both the newly acquired AT 2020 compared to just an iPod. I spoke into the AT2020 as I normally would in a quiet room. I then held the iPod from my face and I spoke into it calmly, without any attached microphone. I was quite pleased with the transcription results. I compared the results to the same passage that I typed. I think that I had more errors typing the passage that I actually did have in transcribing the passage, with either technique.

I suspect, the improvement in transcribing is more likely the result of whatever changes in code were made to Dragon Dictate 5. In comparison, Dragon Dictate 4, using the same transcription file from the iPod, had an error rate of 7.1%. So Dragon Dictate 5.0 is truly much more accurate than the previous version and seems much more tolerant of microphone quality. However, the tendency not to show correction windows when appropriate is annoying.

Overall, I think Dragon Dictate five is a better product. I think Nuance was trying to achieve a lot with this version. The application no longer acts as an application but as as a service. It also seems more stable in my machine. Unfortunately, there are times when it does crash. But unlike the previous versions, I seem to be able to use Dragon for several days in a row without having to shut the machine down. In the previous version, the longer the machine stayed on, the more likely Dragon was clinical.I think the programmers also believe that their engine was much better at transcribing than the previous version. While I think this true, I also think the users would’ve been better served by having more choices in the correction window.

Errors from the AT2020

  • possessive one’s was missed
  • two commas were missed but this was user error – I forgot to speak them
  • missed one dash
  • spelt 10th as tent
  • 3 errors/224 words or 1.3 % error

Errors from the iPod alone without a microphone

  • possessive one’s was missed
  • , instead of a dash (operator error ?)
  • that instead of the bad
  • spelt 10th as tent
  • and instead of is a
  • 4 errors/224 or 1.7% error

Dragon Dictate 4 with iPod alone with a microphone (same transcription file)

  • One’s success
  • of instead of are
  • deeply instead of daily
  • convenient instead of good in you
  • Completely missed the last sentence: 12 words
  • 16/224 or 7.1 %

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