Fountain Pens

I have been using a median tip Lamy Safari fountain pen for several years. I enjoy how the pen writes – the easy flow of ink is a delight to see as apposed to the hard push I need for the cheap ball points at work. I also like not having to throw plastic pens away. But, the medium tip flow of the Lamy Safari tends to produce a thicker line than I like. I purchased a fine tipped Lamy Safari. It produced a finer line and my letters were clearer but I always felt that pen was scratching the paper. I missed the smooth flow and writing was not so much fun. But, I persisted with the fine tip until I could not.

The other problem I have with the Lamy Safari series, is that the cap of the pen sits on by friction only. This is not good. There have been several times where the pen has fallen out of my pocket because the cap came off. Unfortunately, the last time this happened, the fine tipped Lamy Safari hit the floor, nib first. It was horrifying. No matter what I did, I could never fix it properly.

So I went on the quest for a new fountain pen. It had to be an inexpensive, because I do not live in a protected work environment. I noticed the TWSBI Eco . Secondly the price is right. Unfortunately was a little higher in Canada specially with shipping and handling. but, Wonderpens is an excellent company to deal with. They are a brick and mortar store in Ontario. Their shipping costs and prices are less than the store in town.

The TWSBI provided a delightful writing experience. The TWSBI medium tip pen creates a finer line than the medium Lamy Safari. I was pleasantly suprised with how the pen flows smoothly along the paper. The ink supply is much much larger than the Lamy Safari and as the body is clear plastic, the remaining ink can be seen at a glance. Filling the ink depot as a matter of priming the pump and then just twisting it all the way up. One concern I have is lubricating the pump when the time comes. The pen comes with silicon grease and a wrench. But the instructions I’ve seen online seem to indicate that this is a trivial matter.

With its smooth flow and secure cap, my current favourite fountain pen is the TWSBI Eco. The Lamy Safari medium tip in a favoured backup.


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