Arctic is 36 degrees warmer than Normal

The Arctic is 36 degrees warmer than normal. The Arctic sea ice that forms this time for year is not forming. Levels of sea ice should be increasing – it is not.

I suspect we have hit a point of no return, we just don’t know it yet. The full implications are not really known or understood. The importance of water levels, a productive Arctic and the implications for the rest of the planet in terms of environmental stability and ecosystem health are just not known. We will get a really good understanding of how Arctic Sea ice had affected our climate, in its absence.

Yet, as with all difficult things, governments will stick their collective heads is the sand and pretend that it is not happening. The creation of jobs, pipelines and more flavors of ice cream being more important than protecting the home that we live in. People can not or will not see the danger, because it does not impact their daily lives. But, life goes on as usual until it can’t.

Chinese hoaxes aside the thing about reality is that you can not chant, prayer, ignore or disbelieve it away. Science is our only way of rationally grasping what our limited sense and memory can not integrate. Ignoring reality as measured by our imperfect science is like sticking your finger in your ears and screaming.


One response to “Arctic is 36 degrees warmer than Normal

  1. D'Arcy Norman November 20, 2016 at 5:18 pm


    Yeah. I’m positive we’ve long past the point of no return. Especially, when factoring in all of the carbon in the form of methane that’s about to be released from the newly-exposed arctic. It can’t be about prevention anymore. That ship sailed long ago. Now, it’s about harm reduction. But, even that will be hard because our economy is literally built on constant growth and expansion, and these aren’t sustainable and won’t be possible in the near future. So now we have global leaders who are either ignoring the problem and hiring climate change deniers to run the show, or who are dragging their heels because the decisions that need to be made will be unpopular and will cost them votes. Good times. At least Calgary isn’t on a coast. I’ll miss fresh water, though…

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